Reflections on Christmas

In Christmas, we remember the birth of the World’s Savior.  The most powerful king who was born with humility and who has brought peace to our hearts, giving us the best example of love.  

Every Christmas in Honduras we remember the birth of Jesus through the traditional advent celebrations.

We start a few days before Christmas, visiting homes in the community to think about the moments when Mary and Joseph were looking for a place where Mary could give birth to their first-born son, Jesus.  We sing Christmas carols at the front door of every house. Then we share food with the people who participate in this celebration.

On Christmas day, we start very early in the morning to prepare all different kinds of good.  We make Tamales, Torrejas, sweet breads, Empanadas, rice with chicken, squash with honey, baked chicken, salads, fruit cocktail, baked pork and cakes.  In many family, we had a bonfire in our yard and put tables and chairs around it.  Our neighbors, friends relatives and church members come to our house and we share the delicious dinner together.  We talk about our experience during the year and everyone shares their hopes for the new year. 

Christmas brings us together and it reminds us that we should live with humility, peace and love.

-Written by Mary Maldonado, TLC First Year Student

Students Give Back to Their Community in a Big Way

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My name is Danelia

I want to share with you a little bit about my last weekend. One classmate of mine and some of the first-year students went to a village nearby TLC to sell bread. The reason of why we went is because a student’s mom is sick and needs money for a surgery, so we made bread on Saturday and went selling on Sunday. We all were so happy to help.

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It was fun because we met new people and we spent great time together. We went to two soccer fields and we finished selling in the houses around the community. It was nice because we got to share information about our University. People asked what TLC is, how the students get here and what we are studying here, so we took advantage of the opportunity to share about this organization. It was a really nice experience, I enjoyed it!

First Year Students Learn More than English at TLC

My name is Gibelly and I am a first-year student at TLC.

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I have been at TLC for 3 trimesters and have done many things that I have never done before like:

Taking care of the cows in the first quarter. When I learned that I was responsible for caring for the cows and milking them I was like “WOW!”  but with time I felt more comfortable doing it and then I ended up really enjoying it! It helped having another classmate with me too.  We got to name the new baby calf that was born that quarter and we  named it “Keygi” (KAY-JEE) which is a combination of the beginning of  classmates name and mine :)  (Keyli + Gibelly).  I will never forget that experience.


Here at TLC I have also discovered that I really like to read.  When I go to the library and see all of the books I feel excited and I want to read all of them! Though I know that’s impossible!

I have been learning English at TLC and there are many words that I still don’t understand or that I don’t know how to conjugate yet and that makes it more difficult to read books in English but I hope someday to be able to understand English very well when I am reading.

A dream of mine is to speak English very well and I know that If I practice with other people and try to give my best, I can do it!

I am excited to continue learning new things, meeting new people and discovering what life has for me. 

LMI Book Club

My name is Mairyn Hernandez. I am the leader of the Book Club at The Leadership Center.  I have been doing it for 5 months now. A woman named Mrs. Chris started this club last year when she was teaching. When she left, she asked me to lead it.  I learned from her how to lead a book club. She is very good at doing it and I really enjoy leading it now. 

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The Book Club is attended by some first-year students and second year students. We all meet together every Monday evening to discuss short stories.  The stories are fiction stories but at the end of our discussion everyone is able to find something interesting in the story that we can apply in our lives.  Every story has a moral that we can learn from.

While discussing the story, everyone is able to learn new English words that they don’t know which is good. I think having a book club is a really good way to help first year students learn more English and for second year students to improve their English pronunciation.  I really enjoy this group because it is a good opportunity to build community and have fun together.

I love reading the stories and having good discussions with my classmates!

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